5 New Apple products coming in 2013

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Love them, or loathe them – few tech companies can inspire enthusiast users to debate the worth of a product in the way that Apple can.

2013 looks set to hold a list of goodies for fans of the shiny technology fruit maker.

According to Analysts Gene Munster and Douglas Clinton of Piper Jaffray, the five products that Apple could be releasing this year are:

  • iPad mini with Retina display - March 2013
  • Apple Radio – March 2013
  • iOS 7 - June 2013
  • iPhone 5s - June 2013
  • Apple Television – November 2013.

The Apple Radio service has been some time in the planning and is likely to hit release in early 2013, making money via an aggressive ad revenue scheme. It is most likely to be part of iTunes. When this was announced on Bloomberg News, stock in Pandora (a competing service) dropped by 12%.

ipad 5 New Apple products coming in 2013

The iPad Mini may have sold well to Apple fans, but it has failed to impress many of the hardcore enthusiast users due to the low resolution screen. Apple look set to rectify this in 2013 by incorporating a Retina panel to boost resolution from the paltry 1024×768 on the current model.

Not only is this likely to sell well to a larger audience, but current owners of the iPad Mini are likely to sell theirs to get the replacement. Expect good deals on a barely year old first generation iPad Mini when that happens.

ios6 2346664b 5 New Apple products coming in 2013

iOS7 is set to be released in 2013 and will hopefully be welcomed after the disaster of the iOS6 mapping fiasco. Apple CEO Tim Cook even had to issue a public apology for the disaster of Apple Maps and the executive in charge was given the boot. Google have released a stand alone MAP application now for iOS, so the problem is minimised.

Still, we would expect Apple’s ‘Passbook’, a new mobile wallet feature to be prominently featured in iOS7.

06 archimedes 35438535 620x433 5 New Apple products coming in 2013

Clinton and Munster are predicting that Apple will release the iPhone 5S in September, although other reports are claiming a June release date instead.

The camera is likely to be updated again and better battery life, which is never a bad thing. The insides should also receive an overhaul and upgrade.

apple tv 5 New Apple products coming in 2013

Kitguru has already discussed Apple TV before, however many are expecting the new Apple TV to hit closer to the end of 2013. Munster and Clinton say that the Apple TV will measure between 42 inches and 55 inches and cost between $1,500 to $2,000. We can expect a poor currency translation in the United Kingdom thanks to the shocking VAT.

Kitguru says: Has any of this excited you at all?

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