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Wikipedia bars Daily Mail as citation source

After deeming the Daily Mail as “unreliable,” Wikipedia editors have voted to ban the publication as a source for the online encyclopaedia. This isn’t something Wikipedia often engages in, and it still cites a number of often considered biased publications, like Fox News and Russia Today. “The Daily Mail’s reputation …

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Dangerous XSS exploit affecting Steam users

It looks like Steam users might want to be careful when browsing Steam as an XSS exploit has been discovered which can seriously affect account security. The issue was made public earlier today and can allow attackers to inject their own code, which could allow someone to hijack your Steam …

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Google, Facebook to combat fake-news during French election

Following on from claims that fake-news had a large impact on the U.S. presidential elections, technology firms like Google and Facebook are taking steps to combat it in the lead up to the French elections in April. Together they’ve debuted a service called Cross Check, which when it goes live …

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G2A’s Reddit AMA didn’t go down too well

G2A is often the centre of plenty of controversy, the grey market key seller has been accused of plenty, from hurting indie developers to knowingly selling stolen keys. While G2A has made some steps to make itself more accessible to developers and clamp down on dodgy sellers, the company’s reputation still …

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ASUS, Valve, Capcom and others under investigation in EU for price fixing

ASUS has been named as one of three hardware companies currently under investigation by the European Commission for potential anti-competitive practices. It is looking into whether ASUS, Denon and Marantz and Philips and Pioneer, restricted the pricing options of online retailers, forcing the cost of consumer electronics and other items, to …

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