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Toshiba may be set to spin off chip business

Toshiba may be planning to spin off its chip manufacturing business into its own entity. Rumours suggest that the move may also see Toshiba sell off a 20 per cent stake in the newly independent venture, which would generate around 200 billion yen (£1.4 billion). Toshiba has its fingers in …

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QNAP TS-231P 2-Bay NAS Review

Designed as an affordable and powerful NAS, the 2-bay TS-231P is the mid-range model of QNAP’s latest family of NAS drives aimed at SOHO/Home use, the TS-x31P series. It’s sandwiched between the single bay TS-131P and the flagship 4-bay TS-431P. All three models in the range are powered by an …

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QNAP TVS-473-16G 4-Bay NAS Review

QNAP’s latest TVS NAS series, the TVS-473 sits under the company’s SMB midrange label and is available as four, six and eight-bay units. The TVS-473 is the 4-bay entry level model of the series; a 4-bay NAS that so packed full of features it can be used for just about …

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Crytek to shutter five of its seven studios


Following news that months have gone by without many of Crytek’s employees being paid at all, the long-time video game company has now announced that it is closing five of its seven studios. While Frankfurt and Kiev-based studios will remain, those in Hungary, Bulgaria, South Korea, China and Turkey will …

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QNAP’s TS-1635 offers 10GbE, 16 bay Turbo NAS capabilities


Looking to upgrade your business networked storage and back up solution? QNAP’s new quad-core, 16-bay, twin 10 GbE SFP+ NAS is now available and it comes packing a whole host of features. With support for up to 16GB of internal RAM, hardware accelerated encryption and support for all of QNAP’s …

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QNAP and AMD team up to launch APU powered NAS series


This week, QNAP Systems has announced that it has officially teamed up with AMD to bring out a new series of high-performance NAS devices, all powered by AMD’s Embedded R-Series quad-core APUs. The TVS-x73 NAS series can come equipped with up to 64GB of RAM, an AES-NI hardware encryption engine, …

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Kodak made $12 million this quarter


Considering how long it’s been since most of us picked up a camera with film in it, you might be surprised to know that Kodak is still alive and kicking. In fact it’s doing rather well. In its latest quarter earnings report, it made a profit of $12 million (£9.67 million). …

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Asustor AS6204T 4-bay NAS Review


We recently reviewed the AS6104T four-bay NAS from Asustor and now we’ve had a chance to get to grips with it’s more powerful sibling, the AS6204T which uses a quad-core Intel Braswell processor in place of the dual-core CPU of the AS6104T. Whereas the AS6104T sits under the Asustor Home …

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Kerbal Space Program devs have all jumped ship at once


Kerbal Space Program might be one of the biggest indie success stories of recent years, but that hasn’t been able to keep developers at the studio that made it. Eight developers have announced their departure from Squad at once, leaving the company essentially gutted of all its major staff. Kerbal …

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Win the latest Drobo 5C DAS Device worth £349


On 4th October 2016 Drobo announced the world’s first self-managing USB Type-C storage solution. It offers 5 bays, each of which can take the biggest 3.5″ desktop drives available today – with a maximum volume capability of 64TB and support for Drobo’s BeyondRAID technology. KitGuru readers have the chance to win one …

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QNAP TS-451A-4G 4-bay NAS review


The QNAP TS-451A-4G is a high-end, feature-rich 4-bay NAS aimed at home, SOHO or Work Group usage scenarios. The unit sports an Intel dual-core processor, upgradable memory, two LAN ports and a USB Quick Access connector. At the heart of the TS-451A-4G is an Intel Celeron N3060 dual-core CPU with …

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Zynga appoints ex EA executive as CFO


With a net income of more than  $120 million in the red, Farmville creator Zynga is not in the strong financial position it once was. Perhaps because of that it’s hired on a new chief financial officer (CFO). Drawing from a similar well as it has in the past, Zynga …

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