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iPad 3’s new A5X processor beats Nvidia Tegra 3 in 3D gaming

Apple claim that the new A5X processor in the iPad 3 outperforms the Nvidia Tegra 3 chip when it comes to 3D duties. It would appear they are right, according to a new test which has been posted online.

Australian tech blogger Richie ran a benchmarking test which shows the iPad 3 battling the Tegra 3 powered Asus Transformer Prime. The test shows that the A5x (dual core/four graphics core) delivered a better experience than the Tegra 3 chip (quad core/12 graphic core).

Richie, a blogger who didn’t believe Apple’s claims on launch day decided to put the claims to test and used GLBenchmark to run the test. The Transformer Prime scored 60 and 73 frames per second respectively in GLBenchmark’s Egypt and Pro tests and the new iPad scored 140 and 250 frames per second.

Kitguru says: It looks like Apple has the edge right now, although we aren’t sure how much influence the iOs v Android code has to do with the final result.

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