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Atari pile pressure on Apple, games removed from store

Iconic game maker Atari have been unhappy with software in the App Store which they say are illegal copies of their own classic titles. They have applied pressure on Apple to deal with situation and Apple are taking action according to AppleInsider.

Apple have removed some titles from their App Store, including ‘Vector Tanks’ written by Black Powder Media – this was reported by gamesindustry.biz. The developer  released a statement which read that anything with a “passing resemblance to an Atari classic has been issued a copyright infringement claim.”

They add that Apple and Atari have a special relationship which is causing Apple to remove anything that they deem unsuitable without chance for discussion. Vector Tanks apparently resembles Atari’s famous Battlezone game. The KickStarter website has more information on the game being removed from the App Store. They also claim that this legal action has effected ‘hundreds of apps’ available for Apple devices.

The company plan on releasing a new title, with changes made to avoid further legal problems. They are calling it “The Visceral Adventures of Vic Vector.”

Kitguru says: Have Atari every right to prevent copycat releases of their famous games?

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  • Roger

    Why dont they release the games officially then? ATARI suck lately, they used to be great.