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New AMD marketing slogan revealed

In these days of micro-managed-mega-branding, corporations search far and wide to come up with the perfect positioning statement.

Something that will stir the hearts and minds of all who see it.

Searching through the Computex B-roll, it seems that our happy snappy chappies captured the next evolution of AMD’s messaging.

While some would Like To Teach The World To Sing, others are offering The Drive Of Your Life.

Some technology companies like the idea of being the Sponsors of Tomorrow and others the Power Behind The Pixel.

To each their own.

When you read that kind of brand statement, it normally stirs up some kind of emotion.

We’ve analysed the new AMD slogan from every different angle, but we’re still not 100% sure that we have grasped it’s true meaning. Frankly, we might not be smart enough. Maybe you, the KitGuru reader can help us?

Tell us what this means to you - and we'll send the best suggestion 'something cool'

KitGuru says: Please drop your suggestions as to what this new AMD slogan really means into the KitGuru forum and we’ll pick a winner/send you something fun.

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  • Eric

    sounds like some oriental dude was playing with the english dictionary

  • ET

    I think that AMD should have a slogan such as “We make really good CPU’s and graphics chips”. Maybe that way people would actually know what AMD is.

  • jonsie

    Oh my gosh! The secret meaning is clear to me! Wot’s wrong wiv me?