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Suspected 19 y/o Lulzsec mastermind charged: five offences

A teenager who is suspected of being linked to Lulzsec has been charged with five offenses. One of the offenses includes an attack on the British Security service.

Ryan Cleary made news in recent weeks as a previously unknown 19 year old from Essex in the UK who is apparently one of the masterminds behind Lulzsec.

Cleary is also being accused of hacking into the Serious Organised Crime Agency as well as spearheading upcoming attacks on the porn industry and music networks. Other offenses he is being linked with are the PSN hacks back in April.

Cleary has also apparently been associated with Anonymous, another hacking group who were linked with the PlayStation Network attacks earlier this year. According to reports he turned his back on the organisation and hacked the AnonOps site himself.

Cleary has been nabbed by UK police after he gave an interview with popular UK news website thinq.co.uk. James Nixon who interviewed the 19 year old said he was ‘intelligent and articulate’.

Lulzsec claim that Ryan is not that closely linked to their group, as can be seen on their Twitter page. We don’t know the truth, and it might take some time for authorities to even get close as these organisations are underground, complex and scattered across the globe.

Kitguru says: We can see Ryan getting a future job in the security field, if his skills are as good as claimed.

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