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Intel predicts 15 billion connected devices by 2015

Roll the clock back two years, and Intel was pushing hard on the idea that every product in the world could benefit from an Intel chip and that all of those chips should be interconnected. We seem to remember this being called the ‘computing continuum’. The chip giant is now prepared to put numbers and timescales together. KitGuru pulls out a non-connected pen and paper to make notes.

Intel is the sort of company that can post more than $50 billion in revenues. That’s a big number and plenty for any corporation to be proud of.

What if we told you that 1 in every 5 of those dollars was delivered by the Stamford MBA graduate, Diane Bryant. That’s right, we’re talking about one woman managing to deliver way more than AMD and nVidia’s annual revenues combined. Impressive stuff.

Thing is, her market is set to grow and one of the drivers here is the idea of connected devices. Once connected, with a solid 4G/LTE or similar/faster connection, how much local storage would you want?

When pushed on how the world will look tomorrow, Diane is very clear. This is what she told the Chinese recently.

“The Intel Cloud Builders program enables ecosystem leaders to build and optimise the cloud infrastructure using open-standard solutions optimized for Intel architecture”. Intel VP recommends Intel?  Shirley not?

Undeterred by any blank looks in the audience, she continued, “Intel Cloud Builders brings together tools and best practices, including more than 70 reference architectures from a range of industry-leading cloud infrastructure systems and solutions providers, to address key challenges facing data centre and cloud deployments such as security, manageability, and energy efficiency”.

Given a choice of chips (and none of them involving potatoes or mayonnaise), we wonder which hardware solution Diane recommended?

“The Intel Xeon E5-2600 product family is designed to scale and handle three times more data traffic than today, while at the same time being much more efficient and secure”, phew. We wondered if she might suddenly break out and tell us that Opteron is not so bad. “With 80 percent more performance and 50 percent more performance per watt compared to previous generations, the new Intel Xeon processors address the requirements of an ever-growing connected world”.

Gorgeously sparkly Diane cases a giant shadow on the cloud. More than $10Bn worth at the last count.
KitGuru says: We have little doubt that most of the data centres backing up the 15 billion predicted device count will be utilising Intel. What we’re much less certain of is how many of the small, low-powered, low-cost devices will contain Intel multi-thread processor technology.
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