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KitGuru is almost 3 weeks ahead of the mainstream IT magazines ?

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We all know that the web is fast. Certainly faster than paper. But it's not often that we actually get a chance to put down markers and measure the difference. KitGuru received an email blast this morning from the biggest IT publisher in the UK and it made us do a serious double take. Read this and you'll see what we mean.

News is called news because, ideally, you haven't read the story before. Sure, it can take a few hours for everyone's version of a story to propogate on the web, but – within reason – you'd expect most major news outlets to at least post on the same day. KitGuru's inbox this morning contained a mass email notification from ‘a major, anonymous tech site' that highlighted a story about ATI. Everyone in the KitGuru office did a massive double-take to make sure we were reading it correctly. We were.

KitGuru's breaking news, picked up by 'anonymous tech site' almost 3 weeks later

It seems that the outside world has just discovered what KitGuru knew 3 weeks ago, that AMD has updated its branding proposition and will be killing off the ATI brand.

We don't normally comment on any other site, we focus 100% on what we do – serving the KitGuru readership.

But this one stood out and we've just realised why.

It's because the ATI announcement we made 3 weeks back, was an obituary. Something died and the news was reported around the globe. Sure, KitGuru was there first – but pretty soon the news was being picked up everywhere else on the web and the world knew within a couple of days that the famous red logo was to shuffle off this mortal coil [cue parrot jokes – Ed]).

Seeing a major news story today that the ‘ATI brand has died' is like the BBC reporting on Lady Diana's death 3 weeks after she passed.

With hubris, ying-yang and cosmic balance, having reported this enormous lag between KitGuru's reports and the rest of the world catching up – we know that we've tempted fate and we'll now probably find a way to trip over our own shoe laces. No problem. We'll take our lumps (if there are any). But we genuinely believe that KitGuru adds a dollop of special flavour on an otherwise fairly bland landscape – and we'll continue to work hard to bring you the news hot and fresh from the kitchen – served up with our own special sauce – cheeky cheeky flavour.

News, reviews and interviews all get served up with KitGuru's special sauce

KitGuru says: For now, let's just confirm that KitGuru was correct 3 weeks back that the ATI brand has gone. We have also planted ‘Flags of our Predictions' on events like nVidia's 450 being in the stores after 13th September. Let's see if we're stunningly accurate or ready to eat a big slice of humble IT hack pie with a side order or embarassingly late ice cream.

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