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Kim Dotcom calls out Obama through song

Megaupload founder and current defendant facing money laundering and copyright infringement charges, Kim Dotcom, has released a music video entitled “Mr President,” that challenges Barack Obama to weigh in on the cloud storage firm’s case.

Arrested in the early days of 2012 shortly after Megaupload was taken down, Mr Dotcom’s assets including properties, millions in cash and multitudes of vehicles were all seized. Since then he has been fighting his case publicly and privately, all the while protesting the legitimacy of his website, his staff and his own actions. This latest move sees him address more than his own case however, suggesting that Megaupload’s take down and his arrest was part of a government and Hollywood conspired attack on the internet itself.

Alligning his own legal issues with previously rejected pro-copyright bills such as SOPA, ACTA and PIPA, Kim Dotcom asks listeners and viewers to share the song and answer one question: “If Megaupload.com is not back online by November 1st, will you vote for Barack Obama?”

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MokNvbiRqCM’]

While the opening lines of the song “the war for the internet has begun,” seems a little too late – considering the last year has seen several copyright lobbyist inspired bills, you could say it’s been ongoing for at least that long – and Mr Dotcom is hardly a lyrical or harmonious genius, one can hardly blame him for trying. The Megaupload founder had a lot of success with his “Mega Song” before the site was taken down.

The video and subsequent campaign information can be found on the newly launched, Kim.com.

KitGuru Says: What do you think the chances of Obama even seeing the video, let along commenting are? As the video suggests, it’s likely that will only taken place if “you and me” make a big splash about it. Do you plan to fight Kim’s corner?

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