eBuyer offers Dell network laser printers for FREE – apparently

Anyone of a certain age will remember the Baked Bean wars of the 80s, where rival supermarkets began all out war – based solely on the price they could achieve for a tin of baked beans. It got so bad that legal changes were made to try and prevent such a weird situation happening again. KitGuru has just had a very strange offer drop into the inbox, so we thought we’d share.

Could it be a tpyo?

Possibly, but unlikely.

The number of people that would be involved with such a major promotion – pushed out to a minimum of several hundred thousand Brits across the nation.

So what’s the deal?

Well, essentially, it is a double-offer-combo. Something that happens a lot in the USA, but is quite rare in the UK.

There are many programmes/documentaries etc on the UK cable channels about American ladies who have Ph.D.s in voucher science. They create weird and wonderful combinations that – every now and then – lets them pick up more shopping than Popeye could carry – without handing over a single cent.

In the UK, we’re much more fond of the line “Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer”.

Dell has kicked that rule into touch – and combined a £75 cash back offer with a £100 trade-in deal to get you the magic price of £0.

Get your Dell printer for £0 - click this image to see how it can work for you

Get your Dell printer for £0 – click this image to see how it can work for you

KitGuru says: Even if you believe Michael Dell to be the spawn of Satan, it’s got to be worth looking at a decent network printer for £0, surely?

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    Ebuyer has lost the plot; it’s not the retailer it used to be. Wouldn’t touch them now.

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