Resident Evil trailer slated by fans for advertising Sony products

I have to admit, I have enjoyed all of the Resident Evil movies. Sure, they are tongue in cheek and a little stupid at times, but if you like fast action, high octane fighting and undead carnage then they are good entertainment. If you happen to have the hots for Milla Jovovich then they are hard to ignore.

In an incredible move however the trailer for the upcoming Resident Evil: Retribution movie looks like a product showcase for Sony. Many fans, like myself are a little irked that the advertising is so blatant. Like many people, I love Sony products, but do we need to be force fed a product list in the trailer for a movie? Many other people feel the same thing.

Part of the trailer for the upcoming Resident Evil film. No, Seriously.

The first third of the trailer focuses on people using Sony products before we are taken to a barren wastleland featuring Milla Jovovich dressed in skin tight leather, surrounded by monsters.

Kitguru says: A good advertisement for Sony, or will this annoy more people than they expect? Does it bother you?


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