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The BitFenix Portal would fit right at home in Valve’s offices

This week, the BitFenix Portal mini-ITX case launched and it almost looks as if it came straight out of Valve's game of the same name. The Portal case takes on traits from some of BitFenix's other small form factor cases but inverts the layout to accommodate larger hardware and make things easier for those looking to use liquid cooling.

The entire chassis is tool-free and has space for a full-length graphics card, so you should have no issues cramming high-end hardware into this thing. However, you will need a small form factor power supply.

In the front of the chassis, you will find room for a single 120mm radiator/fan, which will be helpful to those with an all-in-one cooling unit. Those wanting to put together a custom loop will find space for a reservoir and pump at the rear of the chassis. You won't necessarily need to compromise on storage either, as there is space for two 3.5-inch hard drives and a single 2.5-inch drive. With this configuration, you could have a smaller boot SSD and then two high capacity HDDs for additional storage and games.

As for the actual building experience, the BitFenix Portal has a dual chamber design, meaning you can pull out the motherboard tray and install all components onto an internal frame and then slide it into the main chassis exterior.

This case is on the higher end of the scale, with a price tag of £119.99 at Overclockers UK. However, it is constructed out of high-grade aluminium and features a design you won't find easily elsewhere. You can find this chassis available in black or white as well as with or without a window.

KitGuru Says: I love the look of this case, in fact I wouldn't mind using this for a future mini-ITX build, perhaps as a living room gaming PC. Are any of you guys currently planning a mini-ITX build at all? What do you think of the BitFenix Portal?

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