Arctic changes name: Prepares GTX490 cooling, unleashes Panzers

We’ve all owned an Artic Cooling product, haven’t we?  For most of us the Freezer 7 Pro was our first ‘partner in crime’ as we tried to get unpaid-for-performance out of a lowly CPU. When you search for that cooler on the web, you get over 3 million hits. Nice. So why has Brice Vandervoorde and his team decided to get brave with one of the most famous logos on the market?

It looks like Arctic is so happy with its name that it wants to expand the brand out to a wide variety of new product ranges.

Arctic new brand line up for 2010

Arctic brand for every occasion

We understand Arctic Cooling – that’s a no brainer.

The audio and power markets are also straightforward.

Brice Vandevoorde

Busy plotting - evil genius Brice Vandevoorde

Everyone who’s met him, knows that Brice is an evil genius, but what does Arctic mean by ‘Hobby’ ?

Well, we can tell you !

That new product line up seems to include remote control Panzers [Full sized? – Ed]. Nice.

Arctic unleashes Panzer division

Arctic unleashes Panzer division

We’ll leave you with our favourite, the brand new Arctic cooling solution for the up-coming GTX490, as presented by the stunning Wendy (click the image to get a better idea of the scale involved).

GTX490 will present no challenge for the latest Arctic cooler

GTX490 will present no challenge for the latest Arctic cooler


KitGuru says: Once Harley Davidson started making belts, all bets were off. If a company has a brand worth anything, they’ll look to stick it on everything. If you REALLY want to know more, click here.

  • Gotta Love Capitalism!

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  • terry

    Heh, thats all I can say to the 490 cooler :)

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  • Ben

    That fan is obviously a complete piss take, there’s no way it will push enough CFM for a GTX490 at standard clocks, let alone OC

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