Just one CPU drops £200 with Intel under little pressure to reduce prices

You can always tell how a company is doing by the price moves it makes on its products. All things being equal, the only time you reduce prices is when you (a) have produced too much or (b) not sold enough. Business 101.

KitGuru hears more rumours than most. Fortunately we have enough grey hair to filter the grit from the gold. Over the past week there have been a lot of rumours in the channel that Intel was on a slash-n-burn mission with a whole range of products. The last time this happened was at the end of the socket 775 processors, with several hundred pounds being sliced off the Q9650 etc.

Sources close to Otellini have indicated that, this time,  there is only one chip for the chop.

Anyone planning to buy a Core i7 950 should expect to see £200 off the street price before the end of this month.

Slash, slash, slash. Pant, pant. There you go. Well and truly cut.

In truth, this cut will affect very few enthusiasts. The 950 is, more than anything, a speed binned Core i7 930. Since most of the 920/930 processors clock like crazy anyway, having a 950 instead is unlikely to add more than a couple of hundred megahertz to your final assembly.

KitGuru says: With AMD’s Phenom II X6 1090T selling between £220 and £250, there is nothing in the market competing with the Core i7 950 processor – expect Intel’s own chips. With a whopping 34% increase in sales last quarter, Intel must be selling through almost everything it can make. It will be interesting to see IDC’s updated market data shortly to see how the Intel/AMD battle is going. With just the one serious price movement from Intel this summer, there just isn’t enough pressure being applied by AMD’s processor engineering team.

Heated debate below – considered conversation in the KitGuru forums

  • Hank

    They really need to start dropping more prices, but it makes sense they don’t I guess.

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  • Steve

    AMD once they get over 200 quid are quite weak, it makes sense for intel to charge as much as they want. Unfortunately.

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  • Brad

    AMD need to get a new range out – what baffles me is that their 1095T and 1055T overclock like hell, often to 1ghz over reference clocks they are selling for right now, but they aren’t selling faster versions, quite happy to plod on with just two? They need slapped. If they brought out a 1100T or 1105T at 3.8ghz it might appear more competitive for them. A lot of people dont touch overclocking.

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  • Derek

    950 for under £300? holy crap, that would rock. would cause an issue surely for the 875k though? even though its a different slot.

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  • Terrance

    Hell of a price drop, if it happens.

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  • Ahmad

    Typo error:
    KitGuru says: With AMD’s Phenom II X6 1090T selling between £220 and £250, there is nothing in the market competing with the Core i7 950 processor – “””””expect””””” Intel’s own chips.
    It should be “””””except””””.

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