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Nvidia might be planning a GTX 1050Ti too

As we started hearing earlier this month, Nvidia is apparently set to fill out the low-end of its Pascal line-up quite soon with a GTX 1050. However, it turns out that there may also be a GTX 1050Ti on the cards, as new reports claim that Nvidia is planning on releasing two versions of the Pascal GP107 chip.

A few weeks ago, a specification leak pointed towards the GTX 1050 coming equipped with 768 CUDA Cores, 4GB of VRAM with 112.1 GB/s of bandwidth, 32 ROPs and 64 TMUs. However, it turns out that these might actually be the specs for the GTX 1050Ti, with a further cut-down version of the GP107 being used for the standard GTX 1050.


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According to sources speaking with HWBattle, the GTX 1050 will come with 2GB of VRAM instead, though other specifics about the cut-down GPU have not been confirmed. A separate report from Benchlife claims that the clock speeds for both graphics cards will be different, with the GTX 1050Ti coming in at 1290MHz base and 1382MHz boost, the GTX 1050 on the other hand is said to have a 1354MHz base and a 1455MHz boost clock.

All of this information is unofficial right now, so take it with a pinch of salt. However, if these rumours are accurate, we should see a GTX 1050Ti in mid-October, with the standard GTX 1050 coming closer to the end of the month.

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