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Asus GTX590 and HD6990 review

Asus are one of the biggest component manufacturers on the planet producing some of the finest video cards for both Nvidia and AMD markets. Today we are looking at their new ultra high end video cards, the GTX590 and the HD6990.

Well this is the heavyweight show down isn't it? AMD have been very vocal of the fact that they have held the ‘fastest video card' position for some time now. The HD5970 was their flagship model for a very long time, and when nVidia released the GTX580 it just didn't have enough frame rate power to reclaim the title, although to be fair it was only a single GPU solution. To make matters worse for Nvidia, AMD released the HD6990 which causes an even larger performance rift between the two market leaders.

Nvidia's answer is the GTX 590, a card which is comprised of 6 billion transistors and has 3GB of GDDR5 memory attached to a dual 384 bit memory interface. Today we are looking at the Asus GTX590 and the Asus HD6990, both of which are reference designs.

GPU 2x Cayman 2x GF110
Shader Units 2×1536 2×512
ROPs 2×32 2×48
Transistors 2x2640M 2x3000M
Memory 2x 2048MB 2x 1536MB
Memory Bus Width 2×256 bit 2×384 bit
Core Clock 830 mhz/880mhz 607 mhz
Memory Clock 1250mhz 850mhz

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