Asus Matrix Platinum GTX 580 1.5GB Review

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When Asus put time and effort into creating a modified, custom cooled graphics card the world sits up and takes notice, especially when it is based around Nvidia’s stunning GTX 580. Today we are looking at the new GTX 580 Matrix Platinum 1.5GB, which gets the special Republic Of Gamers treatment.

The Asus GTX 580 Matrix Platinum was first seen at Computex earlier this year and Kitguru was on hand to take photos and report on the product. Getting a ‘hands on’ with the product this week has been interesting, because this solution is clearly aimed at hard core overclockers and modders. There are hardware linked voltage measurement tweaks along with software related voltage control and Asus even include  solder bridges, which mean that those with the capabilities can unlock extra tweaking potential.

The Matrix Platinum is based around a custom PCB design, a modified Direct CU cooler and is supplied in a preoverclocked state. We have looked at similar Direct CU coolers in the past, installed on Asus high end solutions, and they have always been top of their class. Is the GTX 580 Matrix Platinum 1.5GB worth your money?

Product nVidia GTX 580 Asus GTX 580 Matrix Platinum
Shader Units 512 512
GPU GF110 GF110
ROPs 48 48
Transistors 3000M 3000M
Memory Count 1536MB 1536MB
Memory Bus Width 384 bit 384 bit
Core Clock 772mhz 816 mhz
Memory Clock 1002 mhz 1002 mhz
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Asus Matrix Platinum GTX 580 1.5GB Review, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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  • Raymond

    Great look card, but it seems overpriced tbh.

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  • Mannie

    Their reputation as one of the finest makers of video cards and motherboards is always strengthened when these reviews appear. The overall design is fantastic and it will be ideal for overclockers. I cant help but feel that those people will ditch the 3 slot cooler for phase however.

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  • Bruce

    Impressive, but the price isn’t quite so appealing. ill stick to the mid/low end I think !

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  • Iain

    Another dream card I will never be able to afford.

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  • Forrest

    WHile this card is certainly a good showpiece for Asus, its not really practical for the mainstream audience. who cares about soldering? I dont think even most overclockers do. its too high end for 99.9% of the audience. good reading however, thanks.

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  • Peter oreilly

    Great pictures, any chance you could send some of them to me for my desktop? email is in this posting.

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  • Francis

    Nice looking card indeed. not so sure about the three slot cooler however, is that ‘really’ needed?

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  • Hakuren

    Asus get lost with 3 slot cooling on a card which brings nothing new to the market. I could understand 3 slots on GTX590. Why not on such a monster card, but not on 580 (or 570 for that matter). Overpriced like hell.

    MSI TwinFrozrIII Lighting GTX580 eats that Asus for breakfast.

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  • zyzeast

    Looks like the MSI Lightning 580 is still a better card, mine stays under 65 degrees at 900mhz core while the card is still only double slot.

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  • hugoo

    chance you could send some of them to me for my desktop?

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