Gigabyte HD6770 Silent Cell 1GB Review (passively cooled)

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Today we are reviewing a new card from Gigabyte, the HD6770 Silent Cell, which is a passively cooled discrete graphics card built on a 2oz copper layer with full overclocking capabilities. Gigabyte also claim that temperatures with this design be reduced by 10% when compared against the reference solution. Is this an ideal graphics card for a low noise, performance PC?

In the last year, we have noticed a growing audience are becoming more aware of noise emissions, with many users actually waiting long after launch day for a partner to release a custom cooled version. There are a plethora of discrete designs available today for these users, comprising multiple fans, metal shrouds and copper heatpipes.

The Gigabyte HD6770 Silent Cell is built around a huge heatsink design, and the fan has been removed. Ideal for noise sensitive users and those people who are aiming to built the quietest computer possible.

ACC 2607 300x199 Gigabyte HD6770 Silent Cell 1GB Review (passively cooled)

Card Specifications:

Core Speed: 850 mhz
Memory Speed: 4800mhz (effective)
Memory Type: GDDR5
Memory Bit Rate: 128 Bit
Cooling: Passive
Width: Dual Slot
Crossfire Support: CrossFireX
Support: ATI Avivo HD, ATI CrossFireX multi-GPU technology, ATI Eyefinity Technology, Microsoft DirectX 11, Microsoft Windows 7 support, OpenGL 4.1

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Gigabyte HD6770 Silent Cell 1GB Review (passively cooled), 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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  • Tommy

    The design is great, I love passive cards and am willing to forgo a little performance. I must be really sensitive against fan noise as even my system with bequiet fans annoys me. im going to check this out. thanks.

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  • Francis

    I really do like this, if they could get the price down by £15 it would be a must have IMO

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  • Uriel

    Its a bit weak for my needs, but I can see why people would like the whole ‘no noise’ deal. there aren’t enough silent cards made. Wonder if they could ever get a 6870 silent. I might opt for that one.

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  • Trevor

    I own a HD5770 and I saw this today, im impressed with the cooler. have my own card on ebay now, hopefully can fund for half of this one for my media/main pc.

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  • Davis

    Interesting to see how such a low end card by todays standards can still power many engines at 1080p. As the reviewer said this was never possible in the past. 720p was a stretch.

    Good read. cooler is very strong by the results also.

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  • k0rn

    Not really my thing, but my friend would be into this as he is always bitchin about noise from his computer. he spent £30 on high quality case fans recently. I can’t tell the difference but he is happy.

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  • Fisshy

    Well… this is embarrassing. The Gigabyte branding would be upside down if this card were mounted in a conventional tower chassis, I was really interested in the card until I noticed this. I’m mildly OCD so that would be unbearable to live with (I have a windowed Chassis).

    Hopefully they sort that out.

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  • Dan

    @Trevor, wouldn’t you be better off just getting a custom cooler for your 5770? Seeing as 5770s and 6770s are virtually identical it would save you some money.

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