KFA2 MDT X4 – GTX580 1538MB GDDR5 Review

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While Nvidia prepare to release their next series of cards we are looking at a custom GTX 580 board from KFA2 which can support up to four screens via a single card, with the promise of excellent gaming performance across three screens. It ships in an overclocked state and incorporates 3 fans for improved cooling efficiency. Today we will test across a single and three screens. Is it worth the money?

Nvidia’s GTX580 was without question one of the finest video cards to have been released in the last 24 months. I used several in my own gaming rig for a very long time and admired the stunning performance, rock solid Forceware drivers and PhysX acceleration.

The only real downside to owning a GTX580 was the fact that you were limited to playing games on a single screen. Well unless you were rich enough to be able to run two in SLI.

mdt GTX580 KFA2 MDT X4   GTX580 1538MB GDDR5 Review

The card supports a total of 4 monitor outputs simultaneously (3 Mini-HDMI, 1 DP). The user has the flexibility to use 3 of the Mini-HDMI ports to combine into a single monitor span in windows, creating a surround gaming environment.

Detailed Specification KFA2 MDT GTX 580 PCIe 2.0
Cores 512
Graphics Clock(MHz) 840
Processor Clock(MHz) 1600
Memory Clock(MHz) 2004 (effective 4008)
Memory Amount 1536MB
Memory Interface 384-bit GDDR5
Memory Bandwidth(GB/Sec) 192.4
Texture Fill Rate(Bilion/Sec) 51.2
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KFA2 MDT X4 - GTX580 1538MB GDDR5 Review, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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