XFX HD7770 Black Edition S Crossfire & HD7750 DD Review
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Homefront’s PC version was developed by Digital Extremes, a Canadian developer responsible for numerous Unreal Tournament games and Bioshock ports. It received mixed reports, although Kitguru really likes the single player aspect of this title. The engine isn’t the most demanding on the market, but it requires decent partnering hardware for solid frame rates at 1080p.

A single HD7750 struggles to maintain playable frame rates at these settings. The HD7770 1GHZ fares a little better. The XFX HD7770 Black Edition cards in Crossfire produce smooth average frame rates with this engine, just shy of 80 frames per second.

XFX HD7770 Black Edition S Crossfire & HD7750 DD Review, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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