XFX HD7770 Black Edition S Crossfire & HD7750 DD Review
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We normally use the Sapphire TriXX overclocking software for our reviews, but this launch was slightly rushed and Sapphire didn’t have a version ready to support the HD7770 when we started these tests. We therefore reverted to AMD’s Catalyst Control Center.

The XFX HD7750 could be overclocked to 875mhz core and 1230mhz memory, translating to a 9.3% increase on both core and memory speeds. The HD7770 Black Edition overclocked by 70mhz to 1190mhz, and the memory was pretty much maxed at the ‘out of the box’ settings.

We didn’t include results from these overclocks as the differences in the real world were negligible.

XFX HD7770 Black Edition S Crossfire & HD7750 DD Review, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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