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XFX HD7950 Black Edition Overlocked Review

Rating: 9.0.

Today AMD release their new HD7950 graphics card, tackling the GTX580 ‘head on' at the same price point. When we were finally in a position to review HD7970 partner hardware, XFX stole the show thanks to a dramatically effective, highly modified ‘Double Dissipation' version of the card with dual fan cooler. Today we are looking at their HD7950 which on paper promises the same heady combination of performance and cooling efficiency.

When XFX started producing AMD hardware it caused quite a stir in the industry, because Sapphire would clearly now have a competitor who also had their head firmly planted in the minds of the demanding, educated, enthusiast user.

We are looking at both Sapphire and XFX solutions today, but have decided to keep them in separate reviews, as each card deserves its own space.

The XFX HD7950 Black Edition Overclocked is the fastest 7950 we received for launch day and much quicker than the reference card listed above …. but more on this later.

Can XFX steal the show again today from Sapphire? read on to find out…

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