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Foxconn H55MX-S Motherboard Review

Rating: 6.5.

With Sandy Bridge in a state of hiatus for the next couple of months, a specific sector of our audience may decide to opt for the previous-generation platform which is now thoroughly tried and tested.  These people are more likely to be building a media system which doesn’t require all the processing grunt that Sandy Bridge has to offer.

Foxconn have sent us their H55MX-S motherboard to test which features an Intel H55 chipset and adopts a compact Micro-ATX form factor.  Both of these features make it ideal for a mid-size HTPC as the Intel H55 chipset features integrated graphics and the Micro-ATX form factor provides a compromise between size and features.


CPU Supporst Intel Socket LGA1156 processors
Intel Core i7, i5 and i3
Chipset Intel H55
Memory -2x 240-pin DDR3 DIMM sockets
-Supports up to 8GB of memory
-Dual channel DDR3 1333/1066MHz
LAN Realtek 10/100/1000Mb/s LAN chip
Expansion Slots -1x PCI Express x16 slots
-1x PCI Express x4 slots
-2x PCI slot
-6x SATA connectors
-300MB/s transfer rate
I/O (back panel) -1x PS/2 port
-1x Serial port
-6x USB2.0 connectors
-1x DVI-I port
-1x HDMI port
-1x Optical S/PDIF output port
-1x RJ-45 LAN port
-8-channel Audio Ports
Form Factor Micro ATX

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  • Tim

    Yeah that doesnt look to be that good. the board layout, sata ports etc are badly designed. Fair score.

  • Roger

    I dont think overclocking is that big a deal on a product like this, but there are weaknesses in quite a few other areas which are well noted.

  • Samuel

    Seems ok for a basic media center, but the pricing is putting it against better products.

  • Raymond

    Foxconn make a lot of products for other companies but this isn’t one of their best, thats a cert.

  • Larry Smyth

    Poor value for money for such a stripped out board.

  • Robert

    If they dropped the price to 50 quid then it would make more sense.

  • Harry

    The bios needs an overhaul. its silly for them to offer overclocking in software and not in the bios.

  • Whatstreet

    This harware is OK for a media PC because you don’t need Sandy Bridge? What about transcoding? A media PC needs Sandy Bridge the most, for transcoding and reduced power dissipation. HD media streaming is actually very challenging for hardware.

  • Richard

    aaaah i cant make my xfx 5830 work on this motherboard, my graphic card is fine id tested on my friend motherboard and it work perfect, i hate this motherboard

  • Richard

    what bios version is used on this test?