ASRock Z77E-ITX Motherboard Review

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UEFI Interface

ASRock have used their familiar UEFI interface for the Z77E-ITX.  We love this interface and it’s almost as good as the Asus UEFI which we regard to be the best on the market.

120717033208 300x225 ASRock Z77E ITX Motherboard Review

The first page lists some basic information about the motherboard and the installed components.

120717033211 300x225 ASRock Z77E ITX Motherboard Review120717033220 300x225 ASRock Z77E ITX Motherboard Review

Most enthusiasts will head straight for the ‘OC Tweaker’ page which contains all the settings we could possibly ask for to squeeze every ounce of performance out of this motherboard.  It also features an automatic overclocking feature which will be useful for less technically advanced users.

120717033223 300x225 ASRock Z77E ITX Motherboard Review120717033227 300x225 ASRock Z77E ITX Motherboard Review

Under the ‘Advanced’ tab we find a number of further pages which contain the non-overclocking BIOS settings.  We can also access the ASRock Instant Flash utility from this page.

120717033304 300x225 ASRock Z77E ITX Motherboard Review

On the ‘H/W Monitor’ page we can see some information about the system temperatures, voltages and fan speeds.  We can also set the fan speeds here.

120717033307 300x225 ASRock Z77E ITX Motherboard Review120717033310 300x225 ASRock Z77E ITX Motherboard Review

120717033313 300x225 ASRock Z77E ITX Motherboard Review

The next two pages feature the boot and security options and the last page lets us exit the BIOS, either saving changes or discarding them.  We can also reset the BIOS to the default settings here.


In the past we have had limited success overclocking with mini-ITX motherboard as the power regulation circuitry often isn’t good enough to achieve a solid overclock.  ASRock have clearly been trying to buck this trend though as the UEFI interface features all the overclocking settings we could ask for.

validation 300x212 ASRock Z77E ITX Motherboard Review

First of all we decided to try out the automatic overclocking feature which is called ‘Advanced Turbo 30′.  With our Intel Core-i7 3770K this boosted the clock speed to 4.7 GHz using a baseclock of 100 MHz and a ratio of 47x.  We were pleasantly surprised to find that this was completely stable during our tests.

See validation here

We weren’t actually able to achieve a manual overclock better than the 4.7  GHz achieved by the automatic feature but this is still a very impressive result for a mini-ITX motherboard.  We’ve tested a number of full size ATX motherboards and none of them hit 4.7 GHz with less effort.

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  • Brian

    I used one of these boards recently. well not the same board, but an asrock Z77 board and the fact they put in all those automatic overclocking features is better than anyone elses. I dont think ASUS do that do they? you are expected to have good knowledge of the hardware to get good boosts.

    ASROCK are in many ways leading the path IMO.

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