EVGA readies 1,200w PSU for SLi @ Computex

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KitGuru has noticed that (almost) every company now wants to make (almost) every product. Not 100% – but close. EVGA has long been associated with high end graphics cards, so what else did they have hidden on the 17th floor?

“Where to stick your brand?” is a common question for all manufacturers. At Computex 2010 in Taipei, EVGA seems to be going for some ‘highly original use of a company logo’ award.

Let’s try the KitGuru audience and see which of these you WOULD or would NOT have expected to see…

Subtle2 300x197 EVGA readies 1,200w PSU for SLi @ Computex

Titty tattoes?

That’s a new spin on familiar ground. What about the 17th floor of the Hyatt ?

EVGA Subtle 300x192 EVGA readies 1,200w PSU for SLi @ Computex

Suite brand of mine?

With the upcoming release of nVidia’s GTX490 card, KitGurus everywhere are looking at their PSU specs and checking them twice, to see if they are carrying enough juice for one or more of these monsters. EVGA’s Head of European Marketing, Miodrag Relic, is now helping to aleviate those fears and deliver the 1,200 watts you’ll need if you are to (a) be a friend of GTX490 SLi and (b) become an enemy of the National Grid.

EVGA Power Station 300x199 EVGA readies 1,200w PSU for SLi @ Computex

World's strongest PR man attempts lift

Once you get up close, the shear number of connectors is staggering. The back of the PSU has more holes than a (insert your own example here).

EVGA PSU2 300x199 EVGA readies 1,200w PSU for SLi @ Computex

'For a few cables more': Sequeal to 'For a few cables'

KitGuru says: We’d prefer companies to focus on core products, but creating an ecosystem for the graphic cards of tomorrow (when they’re circuling 300w each) does make a certain amount of sense for EVGA. We’d say that this unit looks bullet proof, but with Miodrag’s history – that might trigger unwanted destructive testing. Expect a full report on this and many other products in the near future on KitGuru. The 1,200w PSU is scheduled for retail release in July.

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  • Terry

    very nice indeed. thats a lot of wattage

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  • Eric K

    eVGA make a quality product – looks like a killer PSU

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  • Trev

    it will be too expensive for most people. only would need this for the ultimate high end system with SLI or CF

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  • pepinorang

    It’s Antec TPQ1200 OC rebadged, at least we already know how good is that PSU…

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