At 48p per GB the SSD price war we predicted is underway

A few months back, KitGuru was analysing the slow down in system sales brought on by the start of the summer holiday period, combined with an overall sluggishness in the economy, and wondering why SSD prices were looking decidedly higher than for the same period in 2012. Prices had to come down was what we thought and it looks like we were right. The latest offers being sent out from the major online retailers are very tasty indeed.

The brand new Samsung mega drives will be delivering blistering performance in 400/800/1600 GB packages. Then there’s Crucial with its ~1Tb drive dropping under the £450 mark. Against that backdrop, ‘regular’ drives need to do something if they want to get attention – and it looks like OCZ is leading the charge toward serious value with a significant price move on its multi-award winning 256GB Agility 4 drive.

Weighing in close to £218 at launch, when KitGuru put this drive through its paces we had a price of just £146 from Aria.

Today, we’re looking at the 256GB OCZ Agility 4 SSD weighing in at just £124 inc vat and free delivery. Using all of our fingers and toes, we reckon that’s around 48p per GB for a drive with 400MB/sec Read and 400MB/sec write performance.

Awesome addition to a laptop - but equally useful starting point for a brand new gaming rig.

Awesome addition to a laptop – but equally useful starting point for a brand new gaming rig.


KitGuru says: We expect to see much more to follow. While any drive over 240GB is going to provide a useful platform for many years to come, it’s the drop in the 480+ range that we’re most tuned into. 

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  • Andy

    Yay! I cant wait for some of the larger drives to drop in price. I think a lot of people are going all SSD with a platter for back up only. My next build I am working on now will be just that. SSDs only and then using a exterior HD for backing up. Just my 2 cents =) I like your articles here on KitGuru, keep up the good work!

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  • Bigleon

    I just built a rig recently and picked up my 256 GB SSD for about 160(samsung) and shes a beaut… first time using one in a computer… but running multiple larger drives for media storage and place for my larger games to sit when they aren’t being played XD

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