Kingston say that lower NAND prices will drive SSD sales in 2012

Kingston have said that adoption of Solid State drives will improve in 2012, thanks to NAND flash prices dropping. Nathan Su, flash memory sales director of Kingston APAC spoke to Digitimes, saying that the average pricing for 1GB of NAND flash memory should fall to $1 US shortly.

Nathan Su, flash memory sales director of Kingston APAC Photo: Josephine Lien, November 2011

The prices are set to help SSD claim much higher market share and even drive down sales of mechanical drives, some time in the third quarter. The current high pricing has meant that Solid State Drives have been somewhat of a niche product, slowing down the mainstream audience adoption.

The floods in Thailand have helped growth in the last month as prices of standard mechanical hard drives have increased considerably. A 1TB drive for instance rose from £40 to well over £100 in the United Kingdom.

Su said that Kingston have enhanced their SSD product line to target the ‘entry level’ and ‘medium range to high end segments’. Kingston have been moving their business focus to NAND flash products as DRAM memory becomes a smaller market with very low profit margins. This is why OCZ abandoned the platform some time ago.

Kitguru says: How long before we can buy a 512GB SSD drive for under £200 ? Maybe not next year, but we reckon 2013.

  • rono

    I waited for £1 a Gb …. I’m still not satisfied. STill unreliable, short life span. I will stick with Raid0 Spinners. 10x the storage and almost as good speed. next barrier, 50p per Gb, then maybe, or wait for memristors, starting to be produced in quantity.and infinite lifetime, none of this worn out in 3 years crap

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