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VR Lens Lab now offering prescription lenses for Rift, Vive

Although both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive have enough space to wear glasses while the headset is mounted on your face, it isn't an ideal solution. Some have reported the headsets tearing the glasses from their face and others just don't like the larger gap between screen and eye. Fortunately VR Lens Lab is here to help, with prescription lenses that can be fitted to either major headset.

VR Lens Lab is a collaboration between VR Cover – the guys who made the washable covers for Rift and Vive – and Gauss Eyewear and together they've produced clip on frames for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, with plans to offer prescription lenses in the near future.

Unveiled on Kickstarter yesterday, it's already eclipsed more than 300 per cent of its original goal of just 5,000 euros. While VR Lens Lab has said they would offer a prescription lens now, due to Kickstarter terms of use, that's not possible during the campaign. For now, backers can order the lens frames for as little as 19 euros (£15) or protective lenses to prevent scratches from 39 euros (£31).

Another option for glasses wearers, will be to order the lenses from their local optician, as VR Lens Lab will provide all necessary information required to procure them. Prescriptions from +6.00 dpt right through -6.00 dpt are supported, so the whole gamut is covered.

It may even be possible to put together lens frames designed for a more powerful prescription, but for that VR Lens Lab asks that you get in touch for a custom quote.

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