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  • Handbrake

    I know its not a 'high end' application but does anyone else find that Handbrake is actually one of the finest free pieces of software on the net? Another added point is the speed with which it converts video into other formats. Its extremely fast...

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    I use it once a week. It's the best piece of software for this kind of stuff. Just one thing I would add, which is the chance to cut pieces out of the output file: that would be very useful for cutting commercials and stuff.


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      Gave it a shot tonight - its very impressive, quite quick. I was using IMTOO for my encoding.


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        Had no idea such a neat, free converter existed. Was already considering getting a smart phone or smaller tablet partly for video on-the-go. Looks like a keeper.


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          Hey, a familiar face - MKK, good to see you. Hope life is treating you well. Let me know how you get on with Handbrake.


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            Previously I've converted a couple of films with some free 3GP converter to test the video limits of my Nokia music phone. It was a lot of trial and error but eventually I got some okay results. The phone only coped with 10-12fps and the little display had really bad angles, but the idea got me hooked. A couple of guys at work are into HTC's Android products and especially the new Desire smartphone with a 3.7" OLED screen has an impressive chip powering it. I'm waiting to see if some "smaller than IPAD" tablet will appear like the rumored HP Slate Mini, since I'm not really looking for a phone. Or I'll get me a HTC Desire and just use it on WiFi. When I buy something I now know what to convert video with, the excellent Handbrake.
            It's great to see you're working on the net again.


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              Originally posted by mkk View Post
              It's great to see you're working on the net again.
              Sincerely, thank you - my health was quite bad for a while and I landed a decent job in a design bureau but im glad to be back 'on the scene' (whatever that means).

              I have to say the emails and messages I have received from a lot of people has really made me feel very good lately.

              You need to add your avatar though, i saw it on DH for years and always recognised it immediately.


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                Definitely my favorite application. For the fastest speed, I use Ubuntu 10.04 x64. The Windows version is 32-bit only, which is probably the biggest thing hampering its performance. I just performed a quick test of the high profile encoding speed from mpeg2 to h264, identical settings.

                Ubuntu 10.04 x64 avg frames/sec: 58
                Windows Vista x64 avg frames/sec: 44

                This is on a Phenom II x4 940 (3GHz) w/ 8GB of DDR2 800


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                  Thats quite a difference in performance - I haven't actually used the Windows version in about a year.


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                    Will try it later , honestly though most video converters I tried are just a carbon copy from each others , the same layout with different themes.


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                      I haven't tried it but made a note to check it out .. looks good.

                      Comedy is acting out optimism - Robin Williams


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                        good app but windows version is the worst of them. still quite good though.


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                          I prefer Free AVC- and no added junk spy or malware

                          Free Video Converter, Any Video Converter Freeware: Convert any video to MP4/WMV/MP3 for mobile devices

                          Can convert to from many codecs and from say youtube vids etc and is really fast and even more so on multi cpu systems and is easy to use and understand. I am also a windows pc builder user and can not much stand anything mac.

                          I have converted and downsized about 20,000 gameplay videos made with fraps to h264- 1920x1080 to 1280x720 and 96bit mp3- or some games I use my zd soft screen recorder and downsize while recording with no system hit- thing is neither program records all my games. I prefer zd because full size fraps vids file sizes are so large and the only reason I down size or convert at all is to save disc space and takes less time to upload to say youtube and fraps raw codec is not a codec youtube likes- and 1280x720 is a standard view size for youtube and is a nice size vid to view [not meant for full screen viewing- but still not bad quality if viewed in full screen]. I also convert the audio because sound can be about half the total file size if not- and 96bit mp3 is fine for game play vids.

                          H264 for me is best all around- have used other codecs in the past and zd uses or this ver uses wmv or h264- xvid is a good game codec but can hit the system. I have found video and or codecs you need experiment with them- some vids that look great on your pc when uploaded to say youtube and it converts to its codec the vids look like chit. Video is not always easy or just cookie cut. I have also worked with vids from cams or camcorders and web cams.

                          Photos and screen shots- I normally use irafan view for my photos and screens but sometimes use built into windows screen shot stuff and or UnFREEz to make my animated gifs- I also use virtualdub to rip shots from my vids to make my animated gifs.

                          Gees- Ive easily made some 20,000 vids and taken least that many screen shots and most of them have to downsize to upload to forum pages or have to convert them to gif to make the animated gifs. I have like 3,300 vids on youtube now- deleted some 2.800 and have like 18,000 on discs I could upload now- thing is vids for me are less fun any more they get few views versus what they did years ago before youtube changed things- you tube use to have a just uploaded section- my vids could get 100s of views in first minutes uploading them- now they go to back of list and them that partner and or run ads on his/ her vids go to the front and get all the views- so I record lil anymore or my first play through [unless playing with lady friends maybe] and or have started deleting videos just to free up disc space.

                          Now for say ripping video from dvd I use a other free programs and have to do so to bust the anti copy rights stuff- but I have not ripped vids for years and years now-- I just rent or watch on cable- is sites can watch movies for free just at cinemas also if wish- but many of those sites you can get junk or viruses so I avoid all that junk and torrents- and illegal music and all that junk-- I pay too much for my pc and games and for my operating system and can buy what I want or go with out- pirating makes everything bad for everyone.

                          Think I seen not long ago is a new codec out [ h265 ] I think it is- Think I will read up on it- just have not because I use and have what I do and the h264 is very nice and file sizes not bad either.
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                            Hmm just reading up on h265- will have to give it a try and upload some vids to youtube and flickr and see what the playback quality is like.

                            If I read right- same or better view than h264 at about half the bitrate and or file size- sounds good to me as far as disc space goes. I still do not care to upload 1920x1080 vids- and I normally upload 50 or more at a time- takes to long and tho my upload speed is 60MB/s

                            ** I just sent mail to AVC support to see if h265 is supported in their free ver- they are nice people and have got back with me before when had other questions. I am using an older ver- no need to upgrade until maybe now- I am using ver 3.5.8

                            * Am now sad- just seen on Twitter when added to my likes or follow- the ultimate ver was $9.95 75% off over the holidays- dang I would have surely bought it and free updates for life too. I added to my likes on facebook also- so I will not miss it again if such a great price. Its a great program.
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                              Just got mail from AVC- said they do not yet support h265 but will soon.