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Sony personality accidentally retweets PS3 Jailbreak code

When the Playstation 3 was jailbroken, everyone took notice, especially Sony. They are trying hard to cover it up and to make sure that people can’t get access to it. Well, until it was retweeted  again online.

Since it was spotted, it has been deleted, but this was an embarassing faux pas by Kevin Butler. Kevin is a fictional spokesperson for the company and he accidentally retweeted the whole PS3 METDLR root key with a funny quip saying ‘You sank my battleship!”. Sony however got wind of it and had it removed pretty quickly.

KitGuru says: Sony have been awarded a temporary restraining order against George Hotz from posting about the code online, so this another embarassing situation for them.

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  • Tim

    This gave me quite a chuckle, have to say !

  • loubed

    apparently its the HMAC Dongle Master Key, not the Jailbreak key