Guild Wars 2 launch suffers login issues

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It seems these days that a big, hotly anticipated game, can’t launch without experiencing some sort of problem. Similar to the issues seen with Blizzard’s Diablo III launch earlier this year, Guild Wars 2 that officially began its career in the MMO world this morning, has been hit with log-in delays and problems for users, despite offering a few days of pre-loading for the most eager.

Gamers attempting to enter the world of Tyria for the first time since the original Guild Wars game – released back in April 2005 – were hit with long waits until they were able to actually log-in to the game and even those that got in were often left playing in staging areas that prevented them from teaming up with friends.

Guild Wars 2

Get ready to stare at this a lot over the next couple of days.

Still, some have been playing for the past couple of days already, with those that pre-ordered the game given early access to the world over the weekend. This saw one of the fastest MMO levelling sprints in history, with one user hitting the maximum level of 80, within 32 hours of beginning the character.

Set 250 years after the original games, Guild Wars 2 tasks players with reuniting the members of a heroic guild known as Destiny’s Edge, as they are the only ones that can help defeat five elder dragons that have been awakened and are now terrorising the world.

While these delays and issues are annoying for users, because it’s an MMO, they’re more forgiveable than the ones seen around the launch of Diablo III, which was offered as a single player experience with multiplayer add-on features. It’s also a sign that the game has attracted a good starting player base, something that the BBC thinks will be instrumental in maintaining its popularity during a time of strife for MMO developers.

KitGuru Says: Have you guys managed to get on to play? Enjoying it so far? Let us know in the comments below.

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