Illegal download of Crysis 2, version revealed

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The hottest story this morning, is the news that Crysis 2 has been leaked and is presently cascading its viral way across the world’s newsgroups and torrent sites. KitGuru has been inundated with information. Here’s our latest update.

When Doom 3 was going to launch, all those Martian moons ago, a version made its way out into the public domain early. Almost everyone we know, walked down a few corridors and got a chance to explore a tiny part of what would become a major gaming event that year.

However, it was very early, it was very patchy and – in all honestly – rather than hurt demand, it actually seemed to act like an appetiser. Appetites were indeed stoked and sales of Doom 3 did very well indeed, thank you very much.

So, what version of Crysis 2 has been released illegally ?

Reports coming in say that it is at the ‘early release candidate’ stage. OK – so it is a ‘fairly full’ version.

The real shocker is that it is the DEVELOPER CODE BASE.

While any misfit in a game shop around the country could pirate a version off the shelves a few days before launch, only the inner circle at EA/Crytek/nVidia would be able to illegally make this kind of code available.

There are a lot of rumours out there right now, here are some of the ones that are most prevalent:-

  1. It was released by someone in Germany
    Reports suggest that accompanying readme files are in German
  2. It is a 64-bit version only
    People who have accessed the illegal copy are reporting that switching to 32-bit mode causes crashes
  3. Audio is not working
    No USB audio, but works with traditional headphones – that should help EA track down the culprits
  4. Smooth on a GTX570
    If correct, would mean that Crytek/EA have been much more intelligent about the ‘minimum hardware required to run the game’ than with the original Crysis
  5. Overall ‘buggy’
    Reports indicate that it is far from the smooth, polished version you’d expect to buy in the stores when it is finally (officially) released
  6. It is certainly the Developer Version – not any version of ‘genuine final release code’
    People are saying that you need to type dev-mode make: Crysis.exe-DEVMODE to get things running. Not standard in a true release
Cevat Yerli You will know my name is the lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee kitguru Illegal download of Crysis 2, version revealed

We guess that Crytek boss, Cevat Yerli, will strike down with great anger and furious vengeance, those that sin against his company. Thieves, you have been warned.

KitGuru says: We’re telling you again, don’t try this at home.

Comments below.

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  • muziqaz

    Tried just now. Runs very very smooth with 6970 and x6 phenom at 3.9ghz. But it is still dx9 only, as there is no way to switch to dx11 mode. HDR is on, MT is on. And yes, 32bit mode freezes on loading at least for me. And no audio with my G35s Also cannot make screenshots with fraps for some reason.
    P.S. I am getting 50-62fps with dx9, hdr, hardcore graphic settings. Game does look very nice. Also controls do not save itself, resets itself.
    Also I want to say, that i downloaded that leak just to try it out, to see how my pc is running it. it will be deleted shortly, as I will be buying it on ps3.

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  • Tim

    I love it when people admit to piracy, gives me a chuckle :)

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  • Ivan Freitas

    Two points that differ from your informations: (1) I´m using the Windows 7 32-bit version and it doesn´t crash and (2) the sound is not as sharp as it could, but it´s OK with my soundcard and receiver…and just to celebrate it…I´ve been enjoying and extra-smooth experience with a GTX-580 paired with a 2600K…well, I hope to have added some useful information to your list

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