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You can play DOOM and Minecraft on a smartwatch

Smartwatches can already do a lot of things we don't really need them to do but we've never seen them running games before. YouTube user, Corbin Davenport, has managed to get the original DOOM app and Minecraft pocket edition running on his Samsung Gear Live watch, running Android Wear.

Yes, gaming on a smart watch may seem like the most pointless thing in the world but it is still pretty cool to see. These games weren't modified at all, the APK files were just manually installed and due to the broad range of screen resolutions and sizes Android devices have to support, things seemed to work straight away.

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ul6y0yOKthI&index=1&list=PLwPYWyYQzoKcdW-NUKceRfIdJaf1FbRMZ'] [yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ei2-jBGGYk&list=UU_c_u7S24rU23He0CWOANHg']

Minecraft Smartwatch

The Original DOOM app has since been removed from the Google Play store due to copyright issues but like with most Android apps, there's probably an APK floating around somewhere. If you're going to be fishing for an APK file, install at your own risk, we won't be providing any links.

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KitGuru Says: Gaming on a smart watch might be a bit silly but its also pretty interesting to see it happen. However, I imagine watches will start to overheat eventually as they are not designed to run demanding applications. Do any of you guys happen to own an Android Wear smart watch? 


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