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ASUS teases what could be a dual-boot Transformer tablet

Our favourite tablet manufacturer Asus just released two new teasers for its event at Computex early next week. Both teasers could never be considered specific but it is clear Asus is doing something with Android and Windows.

The first video involves a series of water drops and in the end we see a drop split into two to reveal the Android and Windows 8 logos.

Meanwhile in the second teaser we are told that two things are separate, until they are spun around fast enough to become one.

If “all-in-one is no longer in one” and “when two sides unite” are anything to go by then it would be safe to assume a dual-boot Windows 8 and Android tablet is a high possibility. Combine this with Asus’ famous keyboard docks and you’re looking at a Windows 8 notebook.

Fortunately we don’t have too long to wait, Asus’ event at Computex is scheduled for the 4th of June.

KitGuru says: We can’t wait to see what Windows 8 can do on a tablet/notebook hybrid. Combine this with Android and we have an interesting concept on our hands.

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