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Samsung mocks Apple fans in commercial, again

Regardless of recent events between Samsung and Apple, such as the billion dollar patent battle in California, Samsung’s marketing team has taken another swipe at Apple customers barely a week after the announcement of the iPhone 5.

The ad as usual mocks Apple fans waiting in line for the latest iDevice. “The headphone jack is going to be on the bottom” and “finally we’re getting everything we didn’t get last year.”

Samsung’s Galaxy S III has been available for six months while Apple’s iPhone 5 will be making its retail debut in stores tomorrow.

KitGuru says: Although some people are bound to consider it a bit insulting to Apple fans, we find it a good laugh.

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  • Tim O’Theos

    This is an even better video than the first! Takes the mickey out of those willing to spend their life on the kerb for a communications device.