Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic and Comfort products for Windows 8

Microsoft announced a new range of Sculpt keyboards and mice, particularly targeting the latest Microsoft operating system. Microsoft gathered the information for the products design by researching into 10 markets and discussing products with more than 5,300 workers. A high percentage of the staff experienced discomfort daily when working with traditional keyboards and

After extensive market research the new keyboards have adopted dedicated Windows buttons and a split spacebar design.

The Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop is a keyboard and mouse bundle. The keyboard has been split in the middle to allow the user to rest their hands in a more natural position. The curved shape has been used before by Microsoft, but the new radical design certainly stands out.

Additionally, the number pad has been separated entirely from the main board, meaning you can move it around to suit your desk or typing style. The palm rest is large and cushioned for maximum comfort levels.

The mouse is based around a new design which Microsoft say is to ‘encourage a more natural hand, wrist and forearm posture’. The mouse has a new Windows button which allows the user to navigate straight to the Metro Tile interface within Windows 8.

The price point is set at $129.95, although the keyboard and mouse will be available separately for $80.95 and $59.95 respectively.

Product page is available here.

The Sculpt Comfort Desktop Bundle is another keyboard and mouse pairing. The Comfort Keyboard isn’t such a radical design, but it has a curved typing area and a flatter numerical pad section at the right side. The Comfort has a detachable palm rest and split spacebar, half of which is reserved for backspace functionality.

The comfort mouse isn’t quite such a radical design either although it has the Windows touch tab for navigating. You can swipe over the Windows Key to view or cycle through open applications.

The price point is set at $79.95, although the keyboard and mouse will be available separately for $59.95 and $39.95 respectively.

Product page is available here.

Kitguru says: Suffering from RSI? these might just be the ticket.

  • I was hesitant for awhile but having a ergonomic keyboard has really been a great help! I spent a lot of my time at my desk and always noticed small aches and pains but just thought they were par for the course. The right equipment can really help you live healthier and be much more productive

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