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Synology Diskstation DS411 Slim Review (2.5 inch NAS)

Rating: 9.0.

KitGuru has reviewed almost all of the Synology NAS range released in the last year, but today we are looking at something slightly different – the Diskstation DS411 Slim, which is a compact, high performance little unit solely designed for 2.5 inch drives.

The DS411 Slim is created for users who want to reduce their carbon footprint, and not have a large NAS system hogging space in their room (it is only 120mm x 105mm x 142mm). With exceptionally low power demands and minimal noise, could this make the ideal partner as a home NAS system?

The unit may be physically diminutive however Synology haven’t compromised with the design as it accepts four hard drives, and offers a variety of raid settings.

Many people get confused with the Synology naming methodology, but on paper it is actually really easy to understand.

“+” series = performance range.
standard series (no digit) = mixture of performance and storage.
“j” series = entry level consumer, concerned about capacity but not performance.

DS = Diskstation
RS = Rackstation
First Digit = number of bays
Second numbers = year for the release

Therefore we can see that the DS411 Slim is a member of the standard series of Diskstation units and can hold 4 drives and was made for the year 2011. It has support for up to 4x 1TB 2.5 inch drives, giving a maximum storage capacity of 4TB.

Product overview:

  • Small Footprint
  • Flexible RAID Data Protection
  • Cross Platform File Sharing & Backup
  • DLNA Certified Media Server
  • Cool and Quiet

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  • NeD

    Cool idea, never seen a NAS system before, designed for 2.5 inch drives. Not sure it would sell to a lot of people, but maybe as its unique it will do well for them.

  • Frank

    nifty idea, cute little thing, almost want to hug it 🙂

  • Manny

    bought my 411 last week, its very good indeed. I like this new 2.5 inch idea, a lot of people have 2.5 inch drives in the house,. ive about 4 I dont even use.

  • Bob

    “[…]Noise was measured from half a meter away with two 500MB drives installed.”

    Page 2.

  • yes, that should in fact be GB. thanks!