Intel presents its Future Showcase for KitGuru

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If you ask people in the tech industry about Intel, the the most likely responses will centre on its ability to create a phenomenal volume of fast, powerful processors.

That’s true, but it’s also like saying that BP or Esso create and sell petrol. Sure, that’s what they make, but not what they enable. Today, in London’s West End, Intel took control of some White Space and laid out its future vision for KitGuru. Nice.

They say that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and that tomorrow is the undiscovered country.

We took a few of those earlier today – this is what we saw.

Intel Future Showcase London KitGuru Intel presents its Future Showcase for KitGuru

With a little help from London Underground, a cool little place called the White Space and a heap of Intel experts, KitGuru was given a glimpse of what that country would look like.

Markus Weingartner, Intel’s uber-PR-guru for Europe, the Middle East and Africa was on hand to guide us through a range of cool innovations.

“Intel is best known for processors, but this showcase allows us to share with you some of the cool applications that Intel will be helping to bring to market”, said Markus.

He pointed out that some technologies, like the tiny 4×4 HD systems were already in full production – while intelligent headlights for cars were a few years off.

Here’s an initial flavour of the technologies on show, we’ll be going in-depth shortly:-

Inside the Intel Future Vision Kitguru Intel presents its Future Showcase for KitGuru

Intel had several areas on show, each one closer to production than the next


Intel Future Showcase London saving Energy KitGuru Intel presents its Future Showcase for KitGuru

When computer companies used to talk about saving, they meant data – not the environment


Intel Future Showcase London Cool Car Intelligent KitGuru Intel presents its Future Showcase for KitGuru

Young lady takes a test drive in the car of the future – one that adjusts your headlights according to the weather – rain, fog etc. Naturally, she is also concerned about space for the handbag.

KitGuru says: It is really cool that Intel took the time to share its vision of the future. Processors are not made in a vacuum – they are created for markets, for consumers and for possibilities. And that’s why we loves the tech.

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