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Aerocool DS 230 Case Review


Aerocool DS230 has a familiar look about it, somewhat akin to a Fractal Design Define R5 or Thermaltake F51 standing on a small plinth. The emphasis is on low noise, which makes perfect sense in a Dead Silence model, and both side panels and the top cover are heavily lined …

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Computex: Lian Li loves tempered glass too

It looks like Bitfenix isn’t the only case manufacturer loving tempered glass panels right now. At its booth at this year’s Computex, Lian Li is also sporting some brand new, glassy cases, this ones ditching much of the usual front panels, making the entire thing as see through as possible. The …

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Corsair launches Carbide SPEC-Alpha mid-tower case

Corsair is well-known in the PC hardware world for its cases and today, the company is switching things up a bit with a bold new angular design for the Carbide SPEC-Alpha case. This is a mid-tower case packed with features to make builds clean with plenty of airflow for cooling. …

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Kim Dotcom is still battling to get his money back

Kim Dotcom, the founder of Mega, MegaUpload, Baboom and the Internet Party, has been in and out of court for over four years now, hoping to avoid being sent to the U.S. to stand trial for various charges relating to his long-shut-down file locker operation. While he looks set to …

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Apple wins class action suit against employee bag searches

The judge presiding over the case of Apple vs several thousand of its former retail employees for what were described as “demoralising,” bag searches throughout their time with the company, has thrown it out, stating that if employees wished to avoid the checks, they could have not brought bags to …

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Lian Li showcase range of cases at Computex

Lian Li is most well known for its brushed aluminium chassis and this year’s Computex backs that up considerably. However, that doesn’t mean that the Taiwanese chassis manufacturer isn’t showing off something new and exciting. It has cases built into desks, cases with entire see through side panels and some more …

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Startup announces phone case that harvests power wirelessly

Sending electricity wirelessly and safely, has been a pipe dream for scientists and researchers for over 100 years. While in the past few we’ve seen some attempts with the rather inefficient induction charging mechanisms for our smartphones, one startup has an alternative: harvesting excess WiFi and radio signals. As a …

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The BitFenix Aegis Core and Icon editions are now available

The full colour range of the BitFenix Aegis desktop PC case is now available at Overclockers UK. There are two versions of the case available, the Icon edition, which comes with a small colour display built-in, allowing you to display a custom logo and the Core edition, which does not …

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be quiet! Advent competition ending soon!

If you haven’t entered the Christmas Advent competition from be quiet! You only have a couple of days left to do so, as it comes to an end this Saturday. It’s been running all throughout December, with special prizes being awarded to lucky Facebook fans every Sunday and this one …

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Lian Li announces the release of it’s PC-O Series chassis

Lian Li PC-O7

Lian Li has been posting photos of it’s new line of under development PC cases since September, and now it is ready to reveal the final products. There are four cases in the range so far, the PC-O5, the PC-O5S, the PC-O6S, and the PC-O7S. These range from the very small PC-O5 which …

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