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HTC follows Apple’s lead and ditches the headphone jack


Apple received a lot of criticism when it first abandoned the traditional headphone jack last year but unfortunately, it looks like the trend has now been set in motion. Not only are there reports that Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S8 may abandon the feature but this week HTC announced the HTC …

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HTC partners with Usain for the ‘Bolt’ smartphone


HTC’s smartphone business hasn’t been going too well in recent years. Its flagship devices have failed to find the strong market they needed to be a life-saver for the company, though it has found some success in 2016 with its VR ventures. However this doesn’t mean it’s giving up on phones. …

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HTC’s VR investment is an attempt to save the company

HTC’s most well received product in a long time was its venture into a new field this year with the HTC Vive. The VR headset has arguably captured imaginations more than even the Oculus Rift, but can it save HTC’s ailing fortunes? The company just posted a catastrophic earnings period, …

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HTC is reportedly working on two Android N Nexus devices

While HTC is mostly making headlines with its virtual reality headset these days, the company still has a strong presence in the Android smartphone market. We have been hearing murmurs that HTC is currently signed on to build multiple Nexus devices for Google, perhaps for several years, but this week, …

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HTC speaks out on issues during Vive EU launch

The launch of the first virtual reality consumer headsets has not been without its issues. HTC had some problems with pre-orders being mistakenly cancelled and a few other problems have arisen but the company is working hard to resolve them and has spoken out to explain things to its customers. …

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First HTC Vives arrive in the hands of consumers

Amidst the news that Oculus has run into some difficulties with its shipping, the first HTC Vive virtual reality headsets have started arriving on the doorsteps of consumers all over the world. From Tokyo, to California, to New Zealand, Vives have been showing up over the last 12 hours, with …

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HTC sold more than 15,000 Vives in first 10 minutes

One of the big questions about this year’s virtual reality landscape was answered yesterday, when the HTC Vive finally went on sale. Initially playing a distant second fiddle to Oculus’ Rift headset, it pulled back a lot of ground thanks to launching with motion controllers and a more room-scale focused …

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Overclockers UK and HTC team up for VR hardware bundles

HTC opened up pre-orders for The Vive today, its Valve-backed virtual reality headset that makes use of room-scale technology. It is a pricey bit of kit, coming with a £689.99 price tag so you will want to make sure that your PC is up to scratch for VR and to …

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HTC to announce Vive price tag at MWC

It looks like we could be learning the official price tag of the Valve-backed HTC Vive virtual reality headset very soon. We already know that pre-orders are due to go live at the end of the month but apparently the price tag will be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress …

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HTC One M10 launch pushed back a bit

This year at the Mobile World Congress event, HTC was initially expected to reveal its 2016 flagship HTC One smartphone. However, the device maker has now confirmed that it will be skipping the event this year, pushing the HTC One M10 reveal back a bit. MWC takes place at the …

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HTC shows off the Vive Pre

A couple of weeks back, HTC teased that it had to delay the Vive VR headset due to a major technological breakthrough, which it promised to show off this year at CES. Well, that time has come and HTC now has a new development kit called the Vive Pre, which …

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Commercial HTC Vive hardware/devkit 2 spotted in leak

In a leak on the HTC website, excited virtual reality fans have discovered the final, commercial version of the HTC Vive headset. It looks quite similar to the original, with a few noteworthy changes, but it’s the controllers that really look different. Overall though, everything is just much more polished, …

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