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PC sales declined again in 2016


Worldwide PC sales fell for the fifth year in a row in 2016, totalling 269.7 million units. This represents a 6.2 per cent decline on 2015. Analysts highlight how the most growth has been in sectors of innovation, while stagnation in others has given consumers few reasons to upgrade. Industries …

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Samsung has recovered 96% of Galaxy Note 7s in US


Samsung has been making an effort to recall Galaxy Note 7 units for several months now but despite bans on planes and repeated press, there were those that continued to hang on to their potentially dangerous devices. This caused Samsung to begin forcing updates on remaining Note 7s, cutting off …

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AMD set to launch Ryzen before March 3rd


If you are still hanging on for AMD to release its first Ryzen CPU before upgrading your system, then it looks like you won’t need to wait much longer as reports this week indicate that the launch will be happening before the 3rd of March. AMD has been showing off …

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Firefox continues to recover as IE, Safari falter

Desktop browser usage was once dominated by Internet Explorer, but those days are long gone. Today Chrome rules the roost and as Internet Explorer usage took a huge dip in 2016, many of those transitioned over to the Google browser. However at the tail end of the year Firefox began …

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Review MSI boards and get up to £30 cash back

UK KitGuru readers, if you are looking for a new motherboard, MSI is currently offering a pretty decent deal for anyone willing to leave it a review. If you buy one of select MSI Z270 motherboards before the 5th February and leave a review, you could earn up to £30 …

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Intel processor competition winners announced


It would appear that many KitGuru readers want a new Intel CPU! Since we launched the competition at the start of January we have had over 45,000 entries to win a 6950x, 5960x, 6700k or 6600k processor! Thanks to everyone who took the time to enter. Yes, its time to …

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Cooler Master launches MasterMouse S and S Lite


Back in August 2016, we saw the launch of the Cooler Master ‘MasterMouse’, which aimed to provide users with more choice in their gaming peripherals with swappable body covers. This year, the MasterMouse range is expanding with the MasterMouse S and MasterMouse Lite S, two small, elegant gaming mice with …

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Oculus co-founder sees mobile being the future of VR


While Oculus initially found its footing in the PC gaming community, since being acquired by Facebook several years back, the company has expanded its scope significantly. Over time we have seen the company expand its focus into other areas and now, it looks like one of the company’s co-founders is …

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IBM filed over 8000 patents in the US in 2016


It looks like IBM’s Research and Development department kept itself incredibly busy last year as it turns out the company filed a record breaking 8,088 patents in the US over the course of 2016. This means IBM has kept its streak going, filing the most US-based patents in a year …

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Snapchat to move headquarters to London


In a surprising move for an encrypted chat service considering the UK’s stance on surveillance, Snapchat has announced its intention to open a new international headquarters to London. This is also practically unheard of in the tech space, with most companies preferring tax-routing countries like Ireland to host their services in …

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Yahoo to be renamed Altaba after Verizon purchase


It looks like the recently announced hacks of Yahoo haven’t lead to Verizon backing out of its intention to purchase the long-standing internet firm. However it won’t be maintaining the brand after the buyout, renaming what remains after downsizing, to Altaba. Verizon originally announced an interest to buy up Yahoo …

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Report claims GTX 1080Ti now coming in March


In the months leading up to CES, there were several rumours floating around claiming that Nvidia would be showing off the GTX 1080Ti- something that ultimately turned out to be untrue. However, the rumour mill doesn’t stop spinning, leading to new reports that the card will now be shown at …

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