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ASUS RoG Orion Pro Gaming Headset Review

The Orion Pro is instantly recognisable as a model from the Republic of Gamers range due to the packaging colour scheme and design.  It features an attractive livery which utilises the trademark RoG red and black colour scheme.  The front of the box features a large plastic window which gives us a snapshot of the headset within.

Turning the box around reveals a detailed breakdown of the headset’s key features and specifications alongside a series of images.  The box itself feels fairly sturdy and should provide more than enough protection for the headset during transit.

Inside the box there are a wealth of accessories included which enhance the operation of the headset.  The most exciting bundled item is the Asus RoG Spitfire USB sound card which has the ability to feed this headset with virtual surround sound.  This will be looked at in more detail later in the review.  There is also a handy cable tidy alongside the included user and warranty guides.

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  • Xtreme

    perfect, I love the look of this. just bought one. thanks ! ill let you know if it sucks!

  • Ian

    very very impressive looking headset. quite expensive, but im tempted myself