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Amazon is suing sellers for buying fake reviews

Amazon has begun taking legal action against sellers that pay for positive reviews on their products. In part of its effort to stop sellers from using these shady tactics on the Amazon marketplace, the company has launched lawsuits at three separate companies, using fake Amazon accounts for positive reviews. In …

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Samsung investigated over ‘fake HTC reviews’ online

Fair trade officials in Taiwan are investigating claims that Samsung have paid people to criticize rival HTC, online. According to reports, Samsung are said to have paid students to post negative comments about phones made by HTC. This wouldn’t be the first time that well known companies have employed this …

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Amazon is putting a stop to incentivized reviews


Amazon has been clamping down on fake product reviews for a while now, even going as far as to file lawsuits against sellers for buying false endorsements. However, now the retailer is turning its attention to ‘incentivized’ reviews as well, outright banning reviews tied to free or discounted products. In …

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Amazon targets fake reviewers with legal action

Although there are likely a number of people that have left joking or satirical reviews of products on Amazon for the purposes of humour rather than actually influencing the product’s sales, those that do it maliciously or for financial gain may be at risk of legal action, as Amazon has …

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Samsung fined for faked online comments

Samsung has been fined $340,000 after being caught paying for negative comments about competitor products and paying for praise of its own. To a company like Samsung, $340,000 is nothing at all but this could damage its reputation. Samsung was first accused of this back in April, shortly after, the …

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Google naming and shaming fake takedown requesters


Google receives a lot of takedown requests from companies around the world. Most of these are from large movie studios that don’t want torrent links to their works appearing in the search engine’s results, but sometimes these groups go way overboard, requesting links to completely legitimate content be removed. Perhaps …

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Huawei caught trying to pass DSLR photos off as Nova 3 selfies

Launch day of any new item is perhaps the most important day for any device, with manufacturers doing just about anything to ensure sales top expectations. Sometimes this can go awry, however, such as Huawei’s latest controversy seeing the company using a DLSR to sell the Nova 3’s front-facing camera …

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Nomophobia rates on the rise in the UK, now at 66%

Nomophobia is the fear of being out of mobile phone contact and according to research conducted by OnePoll the percentage affected by this strange phobia is on the rise. OnePoll surveyed 1000 people in employment in the UK and found that two in three people fear misplacing or spending time …

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