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Sea of Thieves comes to Steam in June

Over the last year, Microsoft has been making an effort to bring more of its games to Steam, leaving behind the Windows Store exclusive strategy. While games like Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Gears 5 were quick to make it over, others have taken a bit longer. Recently, State …

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Green farms targeted by solar panel thieves

The last thing you would expect when it comes to helping make the planet greener, is that you might need to defend your efforts from opportunists, but that’s just the problem being faced by Lincolnshire farmers at the moment. In the past few weeks, over 100 solar panels have have …

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Thieves target cash machines with pen drive hack

The last time I legitimately saw someone hack into an ATM cash machine was John Connor in Terminator 2, but apparently that’s still going on, as earlier this year a spree of thievery took place at different cash machines, with the people behind it using memory sticks to upload their …

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