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Orange charges man 20x more than T-Mobile

While the vast majority of the phones being connected in the future will be on ‘Full Monty – totally unlimited' contracts, we're still living at the end of the dark ages when it comes to mobile charges. Every now and then a bill doesn't make sense – and the rare few are extremely disturbing. KitGuru casts an eye over an Orange bill that's threatening to put a builder out of business.

Chris Wilson from Pembrokeshire, signed up for a phone plan that included 750MB of data.

Instead of warning him when he passed that limit, or cutting his service off until they spoke with him, Orange sat back and got phat off a bill that is close to £7,000 – which amounts to almost 20x what T-Mobile would have charged him on its Full Monty plan.

This horrendous approach to stiffing people on data charges can't help Orange build its business, so we – as a mobile phone addicted nation – should pray that T-Mobile can teach Orange a thing or two about competitive pricing structures that warm the customer's heart – rather than putting it into cardiac arrest mode.

We can be terrible at maths over here on the KitGuru abacus, so if anyone wants to correct us by confirming exactly how much more expensive Orange is than T-Mobile for this bill, we'd love to know

KitGuru says: What irks us most about Orange is the total inequality in its billing practice. Why should  one customer be charged £46 for unlimited data, while another gets a bill of almost £7,000. It's mean and uneven. Blood, orange?

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