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American man outsources himself – authorities upset

If there was going to be a fatal car crash – with a 4 door saloon plunging over a cliff and exploding into a million pieces – wouldn't it be cool if the driver wasn't you, but you got to claim on the insurance anyway? Outsourcing stuff can be fun, but the fun part needs to be balanced with sense and sensibility. One enterprising young chap just got caught. KitGuru investigates. Well, we say it was us, but who knows. Could have been a clone.

Figures on how exactly how many American jobs have been outsourced vary considerably. That said, some sources like Outsaurus put the overall figure at 10.5 million (which upsets them, because unemployment in the USA runs at 12.5m).

Now we come to the hero of the piece: An American software developer who looked at what was needed to fulfil his ‘minimum job requirement' and decided that the best way to achieve (a) his work goals and (b) inner piece, was to off load the actual work to a software developer in China.

He was earning $250,000 for doing the job – so instead paid the Chinese team of developers $50,000 and project managed them instead.

So what did he do with the time he saved?

Apparently he was glued to Youtube – kitten and pussy videos – in equal measure (if we're to believe the company that sacked him).

So, ultimately, why was he sacked?  Was it because he failed to hit his productivity targets? Was the software created of poor quality?  Nope. Everything was fine.

The company's IT department audited the firms communications and became suspicious when they discovered an open VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection that was coming into the network from China.

Nigel Smith (left) seen selling hotdogs from his stand near the park. What? Sorry? That's not Nigel Smith? He's outsourced his job & stayed at home making money while some poor oriental guy does the hard work. B*stard!

KitGuru says: So it's OK for American companies to outsource, but not American workers. Well that just sounds undemocratic. Maybe this man should defend his freedom using the rights protected for him by the NRA.

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