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KitGuru picks up an MSI Gold Edition GTX970 at Beat IT 2014

The launch of nVidia's high end Maxwell cards has been a bit of a game changer. Not only were the first cards into the market astonishing performers, they also managed to deliver so much in-game performance with so little wattage. Now MSI has pushed the boat out just a little further with some neat innovations on the GTX970.

While we have all known about the MSI Twin Frozr V cooler for a couple of months now, the ones that have been spotted so far are all in mundane materials. Good. Efficient. But mundane.

Now the VGA team at MSI has been working hard to create something a little more aesthetically appealing and – according to their engineers – more efficient overall.

We will bring you an interview with Andy from the MSI VGA team shortly, but for now take a good look at the GTX 970 Gold Edition card.

Increased clocks have been made possible by pairing a solid backplate with some specially treated copper to make a heatpipe/fan combo that MSI believes is the best around.

We'll try to eek the details of that clock improvement from a product manager later today.

In the following pics, you will see some slight colour variations – this was due to the enormous amount of stage lights going off when we accessed the sample. The first one is the most colour accurate.





KitGuru says: We love it when companies push the boat out on design. Twin Frozr has been a good cooler already up to now – and it looks even better in this gold configuration at Beat IT 2014, when coupled with a special set of copper heatpipes.

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