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Sapphire speak to Kitguru TV about custom R9 290X

For every generation of hardware (from nVidia and AMD) there will be a champion-chip – the quickest of its kind, cranked up to the fastest clocks etc. For AMD right now, an overclocked R9 290X is as fast as it gets. KitGuru invited Bill Donnelly from Sapphire into the studio to show us just how much work has gone into it.

Competition at the top has never been tighter. Read through KitGuru's huge 19-page ‘battle of the giants‘ article on top end gaming solutions and you will see just how close things are.

You can get £20 off the price of the 8GB Sapphire R9 290X Vapor X using the code KITGURU8GB on this page. This brings the price down to £359.99 inc vat. It is worth bearing in mind that when Sapphire's 8GB 290X Vapor-X was initially launched, the retail price was £599.99 inc vat.

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KitGuru says: Monster performance from a monster design. Use our code for further savings.

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