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Microsoft says that Cortana is coming to other platforms

Microsoft finally created its own digital assistant for Windows Phone earlier this year, based on Cortana from the Halo universe. Cortana has remained exclusive to Windows Phone for a while now but that could change soon as new speculation arises, suggesting that Cortana will soon hit new devices.

During a briefing with the press and a few analysts, Microsoft Chief Experience Officer, Julie Larson-Green made a few choice comments regarding Cortana's future, suggesting that the digital assistant will be able to do many things beyond basic smartphone functions.


When asked if these comments meant that Cortana was on her way to new platforms, Julie replied “the short answer is yeah”. Unfortunately, that is really where the news ends as no further elaborations were made. However, it wouldn't be all that surprising to see Cortana integrated in to Windows 10 or Surface tablets.

It is also possible that Microsoft will take Google's approach and launch a Cortana app for other mobile operating systems, much like Google Now.

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KitGuru Says: Well it's not much information but at least we know that plans are in place to expand Cortana's reach beyond Windows Phone devices. Would you guys like to see Cortana integrated in to Windows 10?

Source: Business Insider

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